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R Kelly Trapped In The Closet 33-40




 . . it features a large cast, and draws on themes from African American culture. It premiered in Chicago on February 4, 2005, and was released to the public on November 30, 2005. While some viewers were disappointed at the opera's lack of narrative content, others found it entertaining. A number of critics, including IGN, considered it the first of Kelly's self-centered, promotional pieces. However, others were impressed with its creative use of music, song and dance, and the plot's interest in the subject matter. Critical reception Critics praised the over-the-top presentation, and several reviews compared it to Wayne Brady's The Wayne Brady Show, but they were generally disappointed with the story's lack of interest in the subject matter. The New York Times said: "What it lacks in romance, it makes up for in excess. Its humor is a relentless and sometimes a little tawdry parody. But is this really what one wants when he is watching a real-life opera?" USA Today said: "Unfortunately, once it comes to drama, the opera is not really very dramatic. It is just a bunch of scenes strung together with some great music. And then there is the production." The Washington Post wrote: "Over all, it's a novelty, which makes it a novelty. So I found myself wondering how much money R. Kelly spent on this 'opera,' and how much of the production budget went to his wardrobe." The Chicago Tribune said: "So what is the point of 'Trapped in the Closet'? I can't say. It's like the movie 'Tropic Thunder,' which has the same problem. Only with 'Trapped in the Closet' the problem isn't the story. It's the music." In Time, Christopher John Farley said: "Its humor feels calculated and frequently unfunny. R. Kelly doesn't have any tolerance for a guest star who doesn't smile incessantly and isn't easily distracted by the clownish antics around him." Vibe Magazine said: "It's probably the only opera that does not feature a single actual human being. . . ." References Category:American operas Category:2005 operas Category:R. Kelly Category:Musicals by R. Kelly Category:OperasThe Trial and Error of the English Revolution is a great and significant work by Eric Hobsbawm. It is a great work because it is




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R Kelly Trapped In The Closet 33-40

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